Sunday, May 07, 2006

Dan Bari 134th BSB

Just a highlight of one of our favorite soldiers -- photo and caption courtesy of Redbull Web.
You may recognize him as Emily's husband - Emily has a great site too! Check it out!

Staff Sgt Daniel Bari, 134th BSB, nears the finish line
of the Boston/Iraq Marathon April 15.


Emily said...

Holy junk that is my husband! :) I love that face. Just love it. Too bad there also isn't a shot of him running from the backside... oops! Did I say that? (blushing) Ok, I miss him! I'm putting up a link on my site, if you don't mind, to yours.

proud fan said...

Emily -- ha ha ha! Of course you can post a link! ANYTIME!!!
He is YOUR husband afterall!
Glad I could make you smile today hun! Take care!