Wednesday, March 22, 2006


As most people know, I am not in the military myself. I have several family members and friends who are either active now or who have been active and are proud veterans of our U.S. military service. I don't put up this blog as a political voice for any party, I don't represent any branch of service or government, and I don't receive any profit from this blog other than the satisfaction I get from knowing that it is viewed by those who serve and have served my country, and that I might get to thank them for their sacrifices and dedication. I refuse to divide people by posting offensive and biased opinions, and I refuse to get into arguments with people who feel they need to challenge my support for our troops. The only bias you may find here is that I am a strong supporter of our active military, our veterans, the POW/MIA effort, and other military families and friends.

If you can handle that, come on in and sit down for a minute.
If you can't, please leave.

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Anonymous said...

Thankyou for putting up this site to show your support!