Wednesday, March 29, 2006

"Patriotic Freedom Rock"

Check out the "Patriotic Freedom Rock", located alongside Highway 25 near Greenfield, Iowa. Each year a local artist there, Ray "Bubba" Sorensen, (pictured above in photo next to his work), paints murals on the rock for Memorial Day, honoring our Veterans. I've seen this rock in person and it is incredible. People come from all around to see it and take photos and I am looking forward to seeing what Bubba will come up with for this year. Thank you Bubba for sharing your talents!

If you enjoyed these photos of the Patriotic Freedom Rock, you should go by Bubba's website and check out more photos of past murals that have graced the rock, and you can even buy t-shirts and other merchandise sporting the Patriotic Freedom Rock. Proceeds from the purchases go to Bubba's paint and supply costs.


Rick Bias said...

I watched the flag pass by one day, it fluttered in the breeze.
A young Marine saluted it, and then he stood "At ease."
I looked at him in uniform, so young, so tall, so proud;
With hair cut square, and eyes alert, he'd stand out in any crowd.

I thought, "How many men like him have fallen through the years?
How many died on foreign soil; how many mothers' tears?"
"How many pilots shot down, how many died at sea?
How many foxholes were soldiers' graves?"

No, Freedom isn't free!

I heard the sound of "Taps" one night, when everything was still;
I listened to the bugler play, and felt a sudden chill.
I wondered just how many times that "Taps" had meant "Amen,"
When a flag had draped a coffin of a Brother or a Friend.

I thought of all the children, of the mothers and the wives,
Of, Fathers, Sons and Husbands, with interrupted lives.
I thought about a graveyard, at the bottom of the sea,
Of unmarked graves in Arlington,

No, Freedom isn't free!


proud fan said...

Rick - Thanks so much for sharing this poem, it is wonderful! I'm going to share it on the main page so that everyone can read it since not eeveryone takes the time to read the comments. You are welcome here any time, and thank you for your service!