Friday, March 10, 2006


I'm starting this blog to show my support for our troops. I'm not a member of the military, but I am a proud supporter and I am so grateful to all of our men and women in the military who get up and do their jobs every day so that we can continue to live in a free society.
I won't say that I agree with all of the politics, and I won't get into political debates. I am simply here to express my gratitude toward our military and to show my support for each soldier and military person who protect my rights as a U.S. citizen.
Freedom isn't free.


Anonymous said...

You do good work, Tab.
Your ichiban uncle Dick

proud fan said...

Thank you Uncle Dick! I love you and I love hearing your stories! You have been a real inspiration to me throughout life and I am blessed by being your niece!
your ichiban niece, Tab