Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Poem for the Sailor Dad

My daddy loves me
I already know
He hugs me and kisses me
Please daddy, don't go.
As he leaves our home
On this cold wintery morn
I know that I'll miss him
My heart will be torn.
See my daddy's a sailor
I'm so glad to say
He sails on a ship
Sometimes so far away.
He travels the ocean
And goes to many places
He visits foreign countries
And sees different faces.
My daddy he misses me
He always writes me a letter
To say he'll be home soon
And that all will be better.
I'm counting the days
Until my daddy comes back
When he walks in the door
I will help him unpack.
Oh daddy please hurry
I'm waiting for you
I know you're still out there
On the ocean so blue.
Just sailing and sailing
And sailing the seas
I hope you are coming
Hurry up daddy, please.
It's been a long time
But the day's finally here
When my daddy comes home
I know that he's near.
I watch as his ship
Returns from the sea
We're proud of my daddy
My mommy and me.
He walks off the ship
As proud as can be
He did his part
So we can be free.
I run to my daddy
For a hug and a kiss
He squeezes me so tightly
A squeeze that I miss.
I'm happy my dad's home
Happy as can be
I know he did his job
For my mommy and me.

~Author Unknown


Brooke (Jimmy, Kayla, Ashley & Nathan too) said...

I just wanted to first say: I LOVE THIS POEM! My husband and two brothers are all sailors in the Navy. And this made m cry, cause man, I know the feeling all too well. And second, to say: Thank you for your support. It is wonderful to see someone with no military ties to be just as supportive as people with them. So thank you from:
A Navy Family

proud fan said...

Glad you liked the poem! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will come back again! Take care and thank you for all of your family's sacrifices on others' behalf.